Real-time NAC Control Tower

Tgate is an Network Access control system that fully protects
the local network and checks the security status of all the wired and wireless endpoints

NAC Network Access Control Function

Corporate network access for local
and external staff

Administrator's Integrity policy check

Once the authentication is complete,each
user must pass the integrity policy check
before accessing the corporate network.
Failed devices will be isolated and treated
to be in full compliance
with the systems policy

Rights Management
(Critical server protection)

Completely secure internal network to
control policy to the authorized users
within the group
of your company network

Device and User authentication

Tgate minimizes the risk of unauthorized
access by interlocking the user’s login
information, IP, Mac and terminal
authentication key.
These information must correspond
in order to enter the corporate network.

Network Permission

Connect to company's local network

Report Usage

Creates a documented report to efficiently
check the status of your local network system

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